Frequently asked questions

How much does kitchen wrap cost?

An average kitchen with 10-15 doors starts from around £350 for a standard vinyl wrap kitchen.Every kitchen is different so the price also depends on style and size of doors, how many side panels, coving, plinths need wrapping etc.

How long does it take to vinyl wrap a kitchen?

It normally takes around 1-2 days to wrap an average sized kitchen but can take longer if doors are peeling and need to e stripped down. Shaker style doors would take longer than a flat door too.

How long does kitchen wrap last?

Our standard vinyl has a durability of 7 years OUTDOORS so if looked after it should last even longer. It mostly depends on how often your kitchen is used. Our premium vinyl has a 10 year guarantee against cracking and discoloration.

Do you vinyl wrap Worktops/Countertops?

Yes. We have a full range of colours, wood and marble effect vinyl perfect for your worktops.

Can you vinyl wrap damaged kitchen doors?

In most cases we can wrap vinyl over dents etc but any imperfections on the original surface will show through the vinyl the same as if you was to paint straight over the doors.