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Owner of Wraps By AJ


Owner & Fitter

After spending hours online and in kitchen stores trying to find my dream kitchen but being totally put off by the huge price tag it hit me. Why not just cover the old unit doors and countertop somehow and make it look new again? I've seen cars being wrapped in vinyl and was positive there would be someone out there that would make vinyl especially for my kitchen and I was right. After many hours of research and learning the trade, wrapping my own kitchen, families kitchens, friends kitchens and everything else that was flat in my home and others I fell in love!
WrapsByAJ was born.


Wraps By AJ specialize in kitchen vinyl wrapping, Refreshing the look of your kitchen & Interior with our popular vinyl wrapping service changing the complete look and feel of your original kitchen. After booking our service we turn up on the day agreed with everything we need to revamp your old kitchen look.
We then transform your kitchen panel by panel to the highest standard using our durable vinyl wrap fitted then heat shrunk to improve the quality and fit all in the comfort of your kitchen onsite while you wait to see the finished product.
Once complete a final quality check is done and a quick picture for our portfolio then we leave you to enjoy your newly transformed Kitchen in as little as a day.
We also wrap kitchen appliances, bedroom wardrobes, coffee table, cabinets, doors and everything else with a flat surfaces.